03 July, 2015

Press brief : Laurent BOQUILLET, the sports director of MEETING AREVA

"The weather should be as nice as today with a lot of heat and a little bit of wind in the stadium during the evening.

In terms of spectators it’s good. The sales curve did not change these last few days despite Bolt’s withdrawal. We still sell around 300-400 tickets a day. We should have around 46 000 spectators, a figure similar to what we had in 2013. I look forward to the women’s 5000m, a race against the World Record with the two Ethiopians Ayana and Dibaba. The pacemakers will lead them until 2200 metres on a pace of 68 seconds a lap. Then they will take turns leading the race, still at the same pace of 68’ a lap, until the 3800 metres mark. Then they’ll fight for the World Record."